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Jan 11th, 2009 by admin

“How do we make America Ours?”

The state of Connecticut has mandated that each student within its borders must take  and successfully complete a  Citizenship class to graduate from high school.

From the very beginning of our history as a nation, we recognized that the success of our country depended upon its citizens sense of civic responsibility and participation.   Benjamin Franklin, when asked what kind of government the Constitutional Convention had produced, answered, ” A Republic, if you can keep it.”     In this course we will learn the structure and functioning of our governments ( local, state and federal ),   the factors which affect the way it operates, and the duties and responsibilities of its citizens.

You should consult this blog page once a week for articles/editorials/ cartoons/ pictures and other text which will address issues we are studying in class or deal with current events in government.  You are required  to respond to these issues in the comment section of the entry.  Citizens need to practice their political dialogue in a way that reflects the core ethical values of our community.

Go to the Sidebar and look under the  Heading  ”Preparation”    for your most recent assignments.

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