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Please be sure to return books by the day of your final (this Wednesday or Thursday). In class Tuesday would be fine.

Review answers:

1a. 4.41 m, b. 1.71s

2. 3.63 m/s, b. 3.29 m

3.  2.85 m/s^2

4a. up, toward string, 4b. perpendicular to surface, up

6. 4.95 m/s

7. 20.52 m/s

8. 4.14×10^23

10.a. 4 s, b. 4.7 m/s c. 0.76 gs

11a. 5×10^4 J b. 7690 W

12. 3.57 m/s

13. 3.97 m

16a. 378 m/s b. 347.8 m/s c. 8.68 %

17. 0.638 m

18.  0.16 m

Physics 6/12

Review materials: Physics Final Review 2015 (problems) Physics Final Review (topics + vocab)

Physics 6/8

For anyone who did not attend the field trip, here is the packet for you: Six Flags assignment not attend Due Wednesday.

Biology 6/5

HW: study for test on Nervous System

Biology Final Study Guide

Bio final study guide 2015

Integrated Science 6/5

HW: read chap 21, sect 3. Answer Q’s 1-5 on p754.

Integrated Science Final Study Guide

ISB final study guide 2015

Physics 6/4

HW: Finish sound wave lab. Write a paragraph about the physics of a musical instrument (of your choice) using appropriate vocabulary.

Integrated Science 6/3

Finish climate change worksheet. Write 1/2 page reflection on carbon footprint and global warming.

Link: Global Climate Change Webquest