Homework – June 2-13th

We will begin our Multimedia Presentations on Monday.  I will give you a few minutes at the beginning of class to get organized.  It will be the luck of the draw to see who goes first. Be creative, know the content, and make it fun!!!

Homework - May 31st

You are to continue working on your Multimedia Presentation in the classroom and out.  We will begin presenting on Wednesday, June 7th – Friday, June 9th.  The order of presentation will be by luck of the draw.

Be sure to work on your presentations and FOLLOW THE REQUIREMENTS ON THE RUBRIC.  Take note of the time limitations.

Homework – May 30th

Your Decade Paper is due tomorrow, May 31st.  Be sure to use the rubric and checklist you were given.  Times New Roman #12 font and one inch paragraphs.

Homework - May 26th

Your justification paper is due on Wednesday, May 31st.  Use your checklist and rubric to make sure you include all of the necessary information in the correct format.

Be sure to read #5 on your checklist to make sure you have everything printed and attached to turn in.  We will not be working on these papers in class on Tuesday as Mrs. Sinusas is in our room doing Naviance.

Homework for Remainder of the Year!

Please see the calendar below (which you have a copy of) to see where you should be with your Decades Project.   It is important you stay on task and work independently and effectively.  Please see me with any concerns or questions.

Decade Project Calendar