Homework – October 15-18th

We will be having a quiz on Wednesday, October 18th on the three branches of our government.  We will be reviewing in class Monday and Tuesday.  Please remember to turn in your fieldwork from our trip to Mystic Seaport.  If you worked with a partner, you each must turn one in.

Homework – October 5-6

No Homework for Social Studies or Writing!  Happy Day!

Homework – October 2nd

Social Studies :

Complete the “Separation of Powers” questions.  Be prepared to discuss in class.

Writing :

Re-write the paragraph you did in class using the opposite point of view.  I will be checking your notebooks to see if you properly completed this.

Homework – September 29th

No homework for the weekend.  Yeah!

Homework – September 26-29

Social Studies -

On Friday we will have the Articles of Confederation, Constitutional Convention and Compromise quiz.  You have been given a blue study guide to help you study for this.  Remember:  It will do you no good to memorize the information, spit it out for the quiz and then forget it.  Learn it to know it!!!!   How and why did the Articles of Confederation morph into the Constitution?

Writing Class -

For your “Realistic Fiction” seed idea, brainstorm a list of a fictional character(s).  What traits, struggles and actions might this character possess and face?