Homework-December 12th

Social Studies -

Complete the questions that go along with the short story, “The Pickets”.  Be sure to use complete sentences or you will not receive credit.

Writing -

Read the three short articles that were handed out in class today.  Highlight any evidence you read to support your claim.  Re-write or type your argument in Google Classroom document.  Be sure to follow the graphic organizer you were given.

Homework – December 11th

Social Studies -  No Homework

Writing  -

You are to write a draft, in your writer’s notebook, of your argument essay, based on the graphic organizer you did this past weekend.  So, state the issue you will discuss.  Make your claim as to how you feel about the debate.  Write 3 body paragraphs using reasons and evidence you have acquired.  Write a draft conclusion.  Tomorrow we are going to get more evidence to add to our arguments and learn how to properly cite from a text.

Homework – December 8th

Social Studies – If you did not finish in class, complete the response questions for the article “Reflections on the Civil War”.  YOU MUST USE COMPLETE SENTENCES OR YOU WILL NOT GET CREDIT.

Writing -    Complete the graphic organizer in google classroom.   You must put a sentence or two in each box.

  • Intro
  • Body Paragraph One
  • Body Paragraph Two
  • Body Paragraph Three
  • Conclusion

Submit it by midnight Sunday.

Homework – December 7th

Social Studies – “Reflections on the Civil War”.  Highlight any words you are unsure of or issues you don’t understand.

Writing – Prepare yourself for a debate tomorrow.  You do not know which side of the issue will be asked to debate so be prepared for both!!!

Homework – December 6th

No Homework!!!