Homework - May 28th - End of Year

Social Studies – Decade Presentations are due on Tuesday, June 12th.  The order of presentations will be drawn from our sticks.  Be prepared.  Use the rubric so make sure you include everything necessary.

Writing – Our finished investigative journalism articles will be due on Wednesday.  Keep at it.

Homework - May 21st-25th

Social Studies – we will not have homework for the remainder of the week as we are doing lots of classwork.  We will begin our year-ending Decades project after Memorial.

Writing – Please review either of your first two pages you wrote on investigative journalism.  Look for areas where  you can add “punch, excitement or suspense” to your story.  You must write three examples and show me where you would place them.

Homework – May 16-21

Social Studies – You should be reviewing for your Chapter 27 test which will now be on Tuesday, May 22nd due to our crazy week.  Complete the review chart we started in class.  Make sure your vocabulary is complete.  Re-read the chapter and come to class prepared with any questions you may have.

Writing – We will have our comma test on Monday, due to no school on Wednesday, and NGSS testing on Thursday.

Homework – May 10

Social Studies – Read Section 27.7 in your History Alive handout.

Writing – Complete the back of the second page on comma rules.

Homework – May 8th

Social Studies – Read Section 27.6  “The Outbreak of War”.

Writing – Complete the comma packet so we can review in class.  Expect a test on comma rules early next week.