Homework – April 25th

Social Studies -  None

Writing – You may choose an alternative companion text to write your essay on.  It can be a story, movie or song. I must approve it tomorrow, no later.

Homework – April 23rd

Social Studies – NONE
Writing – Complete the first page, front and back, of the comma practice sheets.

Homework – April 11-13

Social Studies – none!

Writing – Spelling Week 18 test on Thursday.  Nice job on your visual essays!!

Homework – April 9th

Social Studies – Prepare your immigration presentation.  If you have already presented you don’t have any homework….

Writing – Your visual essay is due at the end of class on Tuesday.

Homework – March 29th – April 6th

Social Studies -  Work on creating your Immigration Google Slide presentation.  All students need to actively participate in this project.  You will be given a group grade and an individual grade.  Be Creative!!!

Writer’s Workshop -  Work will continue on your Visual Literary Essay based on the short story you chose.