Homework – February 16-20th

No Homework !!!!!!

Happy Birthday George Washington!!

Homework - February 14th

Social Studies – Complete the Chapter 16, Section One study guide and chart you were given in class today.  It will be collected.

Writing – Complete your argument writing.  Make sure you review your reasons and evidence to make sure they are strong.  Proof your work, proof your work, proof your work………use the rubric!!

Homework – February 12th

Social Studies – Complete the questions that go along with the Gettysburg Address.  It will be collected and graded.

Writing – Complete your first paragraph where you state your “considered opinion” or claim.  Complete your first two body paragraphs with your first two reasons.  Share with me.

Homework – February 8th

Social Studies -   3 Branches of Government Quiz – Friday.  You have a review sheet to help you.

Writing -   You must turn in written piece of paper with the following:

  1. Topic of your choice – this is a final decision so choose carefully based on your research.
  2. What is your considered opinion?   (How do you feel about this issue based on your readings.)
  3. List five pros and cons on this issue based on your research.

Homework – February 6th

Social Studies -  Three Branches of Government Quiz on Friday, February 9th.

Writing -  Check Google Classroom for topic choices.  Submit by 10:00 pm on Wednesday.