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Final posting by midnight on Sunday the 15th.

Welcome to the CRHS Comparative Religions Forum. As part of your participation in this course, you are to visit this site a minimum of once a week, with the deadline for the week’s turnaround on Sunday evening. While here, be sure to check for announcements.  Most importantly, though, you are to read each of the three posted response threads - Scripture, Commentary, and Parable – and comment on one of them; within any five-week period you must comment on at least one from each of the three categories.  New items for comment will appear first thing Wednesday mornings. Also on this site you will find useful information including

  • Detailed information, guidance, and rubrics for major assignments, and sometimes minor ones
  • Links to periodicals and research websites
  • Background and review information about each of the traditions we study
  • Reprints of intriguing or exceptional articles pertaining to religions
  • Administrative information relative to the course

From time to time you may be required to read an article posted here, or watch or listen to media posted or linked here. In keeping with district policy concerning privacy, you are asked not to identify individuals in public posts, and to sign your posts with a moniker.  Bear in mind that your posts are accessible to the general public. In keeping with your course commitment to privacy and respect for classmates, you are asked to regard our threaded discussion as if it were occurring in a closed classroom, not to be quoted as gossip or out of context. For additional information and a disclaimer or two, visit “How this site works” under the Administration menu. *The greeting “Namaste” comes out of South Asia.  It means “I salute the light within you.”  For those of the Abrahamic religions this could mean “I greet your eternal soul”; for Taoists, “Hello, Chi”; for Buddhists “my Buddha nature greets your Buddha nature”.

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