As explained, this is the previous incarnation of GovWorld.   It is kept available to you as a possibly useful resource.


Once you’ve had your first comment approved and made your selection for the summer reading book, you can get started with the regular weekly news comments.   Over to the right here you see “Breaking News”.  Those links, frequently with groaningly clever titles, are the most recent items that have been posted for your possible response.  You can also get to all of them, in reverse chonological, from the Home Menu, Post Roll.  Finally, if you  would prefer to  investigate a particular topic, you can check the categories under “News Cache”.  There you’ll find many years of saved articles, and you are welcome to comment on an older one, bearing in mind that it’s older.

Each post has a short explanatory piece  in which there is an embedded link to an article.  Your task is to read the explanation and the article and comment below it in a manner that demonstrates that you read and thought about what you were reading.

Please refrain from referencing individuals’ names or using offensive or crude language on the site, as it is accessible to the general public.