Culture Bag Due Dates!

Both Culture Bag writings are due Monday, November 27th.

The Culture Bag/Box, decorated with your life, hobbies, food, family, memories , traditions, etc is due Tuesday, November 28th.

Vernal Pool Hike Permission Slips


Vernal Pool Hike permission slips were distributed to students today.  Slips need to be signed and returned to home room teachers NO LATER THAN MONDAY, November 13th for Sections 61 and 62.

Section 63 needs them turned in NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY, November 15th.

Vernal Pools are special ecosystems.  They are dry much of the year and are pools for only a few months each year.  The creatures and plants in this habitat can only survive in a Vernal Pool.  (Obligate species).  We will hike next week and again in the spring to investigate these unique places in nature.

Parents are welcome.  Please indicate on the permissions slip if you would like to join us.

Students should dress appropriately for  a mid-November hike in possibly muddy woods.

63 Writer’s Workshop 10/25/17

Remember, your completed, edited, final personal narrative is due in Home Room tomorrow (Thursday).  We will be printing them off at that time.  The celebration shares will begin tomorrow.

Test this Thursday, October 26th!

There will be a test on the physical features of earth on Thursday.  Students should use their study guides to prepare.

Tuesday 10/10

No Social Studies homework tonight.

63-  No Science or Writer’s Workshop homework tonight.

Friday, September 29, 2017

No Social Studies homework this weekend.  See you Monday!

63- No Science homework/No Writer’s Workshop homework.

Monday 9/25/17

No homework in Social Studies.

Section 63:  No Science homework, No Writer’s Workshop homework.

9/21/17 No Homework! Enjoy the Fair!

Homework 9/20/17

63 Science:  Finish inquiry penny lab sheet for Thursday.  Use THE SAME vocabulary as you did in the original penny lab sheet.

63 Writing:  Come to class tomorrow with your ABSOLUTE choice of personal narrative topic to take through the writing process.

Homework for Wednesday, 9/19

There is NO homework in Science  (Section 63)  or Social Studies tonight.

For Writer’s Workshop (Section 63), please be rereading your personal narrative stories in order to choose one that you will take through the whole process.  You will need to make your final choice soon.   It can be a completed narrative or one that is in progress.