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Africa Project paragraph

The Africa project paragraph is due IN GOOGLE CLASSROOM by Wednesday, February 22nd.

This should be a brief informational writing that includes FACTUAL information about the country you are studying.

Test on the Sahara Desert

Hi.  The test on the Sahara/Sahel/Oasis material will be on Thursday, February 23.  You all have a study guide which was prepared in class.  If you didn’t make one because you were absent, check with a friend or come see me before the 23rd.

Memorial School Geography Bee


The Memorial School Geography Bee in conjunction with National Geographic will hold it’s 6th grade annual Bee on Wednesday, January 18, 2017, at 9:33 AM.

The first 2 rounds are held in individual classrooms.  The third and final round will have 1 representative from each of the 6th grade classes with a total of 7 participants.

National Geographic’s website has sample questions and quizzes so people can practice.

Vernal Pool Hikes This Week


Sections 61 and 62 are hiking to the Vernal Pools Wednesday and sections 63 and 64 are hiking on Thursday.

Dress appropriately!  Wear good shoes for hiking!

Physical Features Test Wednesday

Students will be taking a physical features test on Wednesday, October 26th.  Each student has a study guide.

Continent/Ocean Test Wednesday

Hi.  The Continent/Ocean test is this Wednesday, 9/21.

All students have been given a study guide.  I suggest a nightly review until the test on Wednesday.

First Social Studies Test!


The first Social Studies test will take place on Thursday, September 8th.  All students have a study guide entitled “Elements on a Map”.  Students must be able to identify the elements and tell what their jobs are.  Students must also be able to use the scale to find distances between places.

Welcome Back!

Welcome to all new 6th graders and their families!

CONTINENT PROJECT5 maps, money and flag due THURSDAY, JUNE 2ND.