Tuesday 10/10

No Social Studies homework tonight.

63-  No Science or Writer’s Workshop homework tonight.

Friday, September 29, 2017

No Social Studies homework this weekend.  See you Monday!

63- No Science homework/No Writer’s Workshop homework.

Monday 9/25/17

No homework in Social Studies.

Section 63:  No Science homework, No Writer’s Workshop homework.

9/21/17 No Homework! Enjoy the Fair!

Homework 9/20/17

63 Science:  Finish inquiry penny lab sheet for Thursday.  Use THE SAME vocabulary as you did in the original penny lab sheet.

63 Writing:  Come to class tomorrow with your ABSOLUTE choice of personal narrative topic to take through the writing process.

Homework for Wednesday, 9/19

There is NO homework in Science  (Section 63)  or Social Studies tonight.

For Writer’s Workshop (Section 63), please be rereading your personal narrative stories in order to choose one that you will take through the whole process.  You will need to make your final choice soon.   It can be a completed narrative or one that is in progress.

Welcome Back!

Stay tuned for important information about homework, projects, and special events.

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Africa Project paragraph

The Africa project paragraph is due IN GOOGLE CLASSROOM by Wednesday, February 22nd.

This should be a brief informational writing that includes FACTUAL information about the country you are studying.

Test on the Sahara Desert

Hi.  The test on the Sahara/Sahel/Oasis material will be on Thursday, February 23.  You all have a study guide which was prepared in class.  If you didn’t make one because you were absent, check with a friend or come see me before the 23rd.