Grammar review 12/6/16


Grammar Review: Quotes and Dialogue


Movie Vote


Gratitude article

Newsela Article 


On the Wall Presentation: Rubric

Courage: Rosa Parks

Courage: Christa McAuliffe

Youtube video about Philippe Petit

PBS Article about Philippe Petit

Ted Talk by Philippe Petit

Article #1 Philippe Petit

Film Review-Part 1

Memoir Rubric

Memory Poem

Literary Terms

Assignments, quizzes, and tests are all graded on a points system. All graded material will be denoted by its point value when it is assigned. Assignments of a shorter duration might be worth fewer points, but certainly, tests and other major assignments will have a greater value. The number of points assigned to a specific assignment or assessment will be commensurate with the material covered and time set aside for the completion of the task.

Students can see me during  tutorials to address concerns regarding the completion of specific assignments, or questions regarding preparation for quizzes and tests. If a student has a question about the grade received on completed work, that can also be discussed during tutorial.

In that students receive one combined grade for language arts, students who are in my class for both reading and English will see a grade listed under “Language Arts” only. Students who have my class for reading only can find that grade listed under “reading,” however that grade will be averaged with the grade from their English class.

Ms. Commins offers extra help after school on Fridays from 2:15-3:15. Students can use that time to get extra help on topics being discussed in class, or make up work missed during absences. Students must notify Ms. Commins by Friday if they plan to stay after on any given Friday, and students must arrange transportation home at 3:15.

Reading Chart: Trimester 1

Film Review: Part 1

Film Review: Part 2

Film Review: Part 3

Seedfolks Video Project