Thursday, April 26

Finish the Concrete Poem  for homework. (See examples on the Reading Classroom)

Next week, you will choose one of the poems you have written to share with the class: You may  choose the  “Rocky Dennis Poem”,  the “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me” poem, or the “Concrete Poem”.

Wednesday, April 25


Bring an independent reading book of your choice to class tomorrow. This can be a book that you have already started reading.

Due tomorrow: on a Google doc, create a poem modeled on the poem, “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me” by Maya Angelou (posted to the Reading Classroom)

Language Arts:

Please renew of check out the book you have been writing about in language arts. I will try to give you class time to take care of this. Otherwise, please visit the library during FLEX or tutorial.



Tuesday, April 24

Bring an independent reading book to class by Thursday. (This can be something you have already been reading.) You are welcome to borrow a book from Ms, Commins’ class, but you must do so before Thursday.

Complete the Google form (Rocky Dennis Poem)  on the Readig Classroom by tomorrow.

Monday, April 23

Have a new indpendent reading selection in class by Thursday. (This can be something you have already started reading.)

Friday, April 16

No homework

Thursday, April 12

Complete Giver student choice project by tomorrow.

Remember to bring an SSR book for FLEX tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 11


Minions and Moanas:

Complete the Google form on the Language Arts Classroom: Reflection on the Visual Essay (16 points)

Tuesday, April 10

Minions and Moanas

Complete your visual essay by tomorrow

Monday, April 9

All classes: Choose your Giver project by tomorrow (See directions on the Reading Classroom)

Friday, April 6

Finish The Giver by Monday

Giver questions 11-12 and 13-16 need to be completed by Monday for full credit