Wednesday, October 18

Minions and Moanas

Complete sentence packet by tomorrow

All classes

There will be a vocabulary test on Monday, October 30th.

We will be reviewing the words from units 1-3 in class next week. In the meantime, you can review them via the quizlets that have been posted to my website.

Tuesday, October 17

Highlight or underline at least 3 quotes from the provided text which support the theme of Seedfolks.

Remember that on Thursday, we will be working with potting soil in class. If you can wear something that you do not mind getting dirty, please do so.

Monday, October 16

No homework

Friday, October 13

Moanas and Minions only (Language Arts):

Complete mechanics packet by Monday

Thursday, October 12

All classes:

Review vocabulary words for tomorrow’s quiz. Unit 3. Words are linked to Tuesday’s homework posting. (10 points)

Minions and Moanas

Mechanics packet: sections 3, 4, and 5 due Monday.

Wednesday, October 11

All classes:

Read the passage “This Day in 1923: The Olympic’s the Thing” and fill in the missing vocabulary words. See Tuesday’s homework posting for a link to the words.

Tuesday, October 10

Moanas and Minions only:

By tomorrow:

Mechanics packet, sets 1 and 2

All classes:

By tomorrow: write 10 jumbled vocab words, with the part of speech and defintion.

Quiz Friday: vocab unit 3

Vocab unit 3

Friday, October 6

No homework

Thursday, October 5

All classes:

Finish reading reading 13 1/2

Thirteen and a Half

Minions and Moanas

Editing Review Sheet. p. 4


Wednesday, October 4

Read sample text and highlight (or underline) specific examples of conflict.